The myth of underwire

The myth of underwire

The first non-underwired bra I ever tried on was a total revelation. It was a super old Calvin Klein triangle bra that a friend had left at my house and due to a boring laundry saga, I had no bras of my own to wear that day. As soon as I tried it on, I entered a semi-religious state of rapture. I couldn't believe how much comfier my existence could be free from the curse of underwire. Unfortunately, the bra didn't really fit me at all unless I was perfectly still (the cups were like thin hankerchief vibes.) But I was sold: I needed an elastic bra for bigger boobs.

As I started researching, it seemed like everybody was convinced that a big bust requires wire. All of those cute bralette-style bras weren't even tackling the DD+ market, and all of the big-boob friendly elastic bras were truly hideous. 

When I started developing Buttercup bras, I was ready for my pattern maker to tell me that my dream was impossible, and that big boobs require a wire. Instead, she let me know this totally earth shattering fact:

"The underwire isn't there for support"

Wtf! It turns out that the underwire is just there for shaping, to keep your boobs separated and lifted. All the support you could wish for can be achieved with elastic! And our fabulous fabric.

And that is how our big-boob-friendly elastic bra wireless was created. You can read more about our sizing here.