Sizing bras is a real pain. First of all, why is the system so complicated? And why is it that getting your size even slightly wrong ends up being such a catastrophe?

The reason traditional bras are so difficult to fit (compared to T-shirts or something) is because they’re not stretchy - they’re made of firm underwire and padding.

Our bras don’t have either of those things, so they fit a little bit more flexibly, like a T-shirt. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Band Size
It’s easiest to start with the band size. This should fit snugly around your rib cage, the way undies fit around your hips. This measurement is pretty intuitive. Don’t overthink it. If you are an M in a snug T-shirt, you’re an M band size.

Step 2: Cup Size

This one is pretty straight forward. Are you an A-D cup? You’ll pick the smaller size. It’s stretchy, don’t worry. Are you DD+? You’ll be comfier in the larger size.


If you’re on the cusp (e.g. DD), the smaller cup size will give you more cleavage while the larger will give more coverage (and probably more suitable for every day.)